Helping Michigan Residents Protect Their Homes

Many residents of the Detroit area have faced serious financial struggles since the recession began in 2008. Even though the nation's economy appears headed toward recovery, many in Southeast Michigan have yet to see any evidence of recovery. At Greene Law Group, PLC, we understand the unique challenges the residents of our area face. We work diligently to help our clients overcome those challenges through foreclosure defense and solid financial guidance.

Why Is Foreclosure So Common In Michigan?

Many blame the number of foreclosures in the Detroit area on the auto industry. While recent layoffs and the resulting unemployment are to blame for some of the foreclosures, many people face losing their homes because of misrepresentation. For example, some homeowners who face foreclosure bought their homes based on misinformation about the properties, while some signed up for mortgages they did not understand. Regardless of the reason for your foreclosure, our attorney's goal is to help you find a way to stay in your home.

Our Approach To Foreclosure Defense

Depending on a client's situation, he or she may have a choice between several options for foreclosure defense. Some of the most common approaches used to help our clients avoid foreclosure are as follows:

  • Filing Chapters 7, 11 or 13 bankruptcy
  • Filing a petition to quiet title
  • Pursuing various defenses possible under state and federal laws

Find Out Which Approach Is Right For You

The only way to determine which defense strategy best fits your needs is to conduct a complete evaluation of your situation. If you would like our lawyer to evaluate your case and suggest an approach, you can schedule a free telephone consultation by calling 734-236-6511. You can also email our Ann Arbor law office to schedule your appointment.